Business Intelligence Services

Gartner defines BI as an umbrella term for the applications, infrastructure, platforms, tools and best practices which enable the access to and analysis of information to optimize decisions and manage performance.

The potential value of BI lies beyond information dissemination; and is realized when a BI initiative is linked to achieving business goals.  BI helps organizations continually improve, by supporting decisions, user exploration, measuring performance, and optimizing processes.  Successful BI deployments require much more than technology.  A culture must emerge that supports, trusts, and depends on information that is managed as a corporate asset, and keeps business functions and processes in alignment with business goals.

With over 20 years of experience guiding organizations through the business and technical dimensions of their BI initiatives, our playbook is solid.  Whether your company is just beginning its first data warehousing initiative, or it has a mature business intelligence program, 3KC’s BI practice provides all the relevant services to help your company develop and mature its BI capabilities.  It’s not easy to turn disparate and passive data into timely, integrated, trusted and actionable information, (not to mention getting it into the hands that can build value from it).  3KC can help your company reach its goals by providing thought leadership around proven methodologies, best practices, scalable and flexible technology and tools, and solutions across several platforms and industries.  Let us show you how 3KC can support your efforts.

Initiation and Planning Services

  • Corporate Readiness Assessment
  • Business Vision & Roadmap
  • Project Team Development
  • Business Case Development
  • Global Project Planning
  • Data Governance

Design Services

  • Technical Architecture Design
  • User Requirements Definition
  • Logical/Physical Database Design
  • Data Profiling
  • Analytic Application Specifications
  • Re-Platform, Upgrades, Tool Selection
  • Dimensional Model Development & Validation
  • Prototype Development
  • Data Transformation/Information Movement

Development Services

  • Hardware & Software Installation
  • Data Validation & Population
  • Environmental Testing
  • Analytical Applications Development & Universe Design

Implementation Services

  • User Acceptance Preparation & Briefing
  • User Group Programs
  • End User Educational Programs

Post Implementation Services

  • Production Support
  • New Development
  • Continuous Quality Improvement (data management & performance tuning)
  • Software Upgrades
  • Minor Enhancements
  • New Technologies