Our Network

You’ve heard Walt Disney say it along with hundreds others since, “our people are our greatest assets.” We can’t agree more! Our professional network is our greatest of assets. This is 3KC’s “professional neighborhood”, built on handshakes and relationships, where there is long-term value and trust. We have spent years identifying, attracting and investing in industry leaders and subject matter experts to complement our own experience and expertise.  3KC’s network consists of top industry professionals who collectively possess deep business and IT experience across several verticals and specialties. Their expertise and experience have played a key role in building what 3KC is today. Our network assists 3KC in a wide variety of activities: business development, client referrals, candidate referrals, and peer reviews.3KC rewards our network through fees, referral bonus and other incentives. If you are interested in becoming a part of 3KC’s network, please inquire in writing to info@3keyconsulting.com


Nick Galemmo is one of our trusted partners and a friend of 3KC.  Besides this, he has over 30 years of IT experience. He is an expert in data warehousing and business intelligence strategy and implementation.  Nick’s experience spans across several industries including finance, banking, manufacturing, internet, media, health insurance, and agriculture. Nick is a renowned BI/DWH practitioner and is a frequent speaker at TDWI and other trade conferences. Nick is also co-author of “Mastering Data Warehouse Design – Relational and Dimensional Techniques” (Wiley).