3 Key Areas of Focus

People, process and technology are 3 key areas of focus that we carefully examine individually and collectively in order to deliver on our client’s 3 key areas of focus – better, faster and cost effective solutions. Whether our clients engage us for staffing services, or for defining and shaping their enterprise initiatives, our mission is realized on these three focal points.



From initial contact and throughout the engagement, 3KC collaborates with our clients, combining our own experience with theirs.  With the deep business and technical experience of our proprietary network in the mix, we help our clients promote successful outcomes.  We engage subject matter experts at the start of every engagement opportunity to promote a real understanding of our client’s requirements and the business drivers behind them. Getting this right enables us to present individuals or teams that have right mix of skills and competencies for our client’s objectives.  Beyond this, all of our consultants are “peer reviewed” to ensure that 3KC will meet and exceed our client’s expectations. This is the start of how 3KC brings “Big 5” experience to our client’s engagement objectives and their corporate mission.


Process is an important focus for 3KC.  We study and promote best practices   in the context of many IT and business capabilities.  When it comes to the process of service delivery, we often find that less is more. Process must drive capabilities and service delivery forward, while being agile enough to deliver solutions that are faster, better, and more cost-effective.  If processes are too cumbersome, rigid, or applied in the wrong contexts, they can choke an organization’s ability to plan, build and run at an optimal level.  This is especially true in the application development space.  3KC combines our best practice management and professional network to create a highly efficient and “lightweight” service delivery model. We also apply these principles to our own business model, which removes the organizational layers found in “Big 5” firms, allowing 3KC to be more agile in solution delivery, which translates to lower costs to our clients.


Simply put, technology is a set of tools that enable people and processes to work more effectively. Within the business context, technology can enable a superior execution of an organization’s business functions, when the organization’s strategic imperatives are considered along with its people and processes. 3KC offers deep technical expertise within a broad range of IT specialties and applications. We also offer deep business expertise within a broad range of industries. Combining both technical and industry expertise adds value to our clients by understanding the nuances of their strategic imperatives and promoting efficiencies throughout the client engagement. Whether our client requires individuals with just a few years of experience, seasoned practitioners, or a mix of experience, 3KC offers consultants that are consistently high-caliber and peer reviewed by our network of industry leaders and subject matter experts.